Relaxing Liverwort Terrarium Build

liverwort and moss terrarium in glass bottle

I was inspired when liverwort popped up in my moss collection. Liverworts, like mosses, are terrestrial plants that do not have a vascular system. Like ferns, they produce spores instead of seeds. They thrive in a moist terrarium environment and are great for adding interest with minimal maintenance.

Wondering what a liverwort terrarium would be like? Check out the terrarium build below!

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Great Low Light Plants

Low Light Plants

Does your home have limited sunlight? Do you notice your plants growing skinny, weak stems or looking sickly, but you really want a plant in that particular spot? You may need a low light or shade-tolerant plant. This means plants that are less likely to show issues in poorer light conditions.

Here are some great low light plants you can try.

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DIY Plant Hanger Under $5

Plant Hanger

Hello my loves! Have you ever wanted to hang up your plants, so they can trail beautifully or get more light by your window? But couldn’t find the right plant hanger – maybe the size, length or design wasn’t right for you?

Here’s how you can make your own plant hanger for under $5!

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Prevent Root Rot with this Aroid Potting Mix

Anti root rot aroid soil mix

Did you know that many common houseplants like monstera and pothos are aroids? Here’s how you can be set up for happy plants, with this aroid potting mix.

The key to a good potting mix is creating a balance between water retention, aeration and drainage to suit your plant. This aroid mix allows good aeration and drainage, while retaining enough moisture. This helps prevent issues like yellowing leaves or root rot.

Here’s how you can make your own!

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How to Keep Plants Alive – A Guide to Success at Houseplants

Guide to Keeping Plants AlivePhoto by Daria Shevtsova

Do you enjoy plants, but are afraid of killing them? Or have – gasp – killed some and believe you have a black thumb? Then this is for you.

Indoor gardening is my beloved hobby. I love helping friends and colleagues who appreciate plants, but are convinced they have a black thumb. Here’s the deal – we can all have a green thumb, it just takes practice and understanding!

Here’s a quick and dirty cheat sheet on how to keep plants alive!

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