Relaxing Liverwort Terrarium Build

liverwort and moss terrarium in glass bottle

I was inspired when liverwort popped up in my moss collection. Liverworts, like mosses, are terrestrial plants that do not have a vascular system. Like ferns, they produce spores instead of seeds. They thrive in a moist terrarium environment and are great for adding interest with minimal maintenance.

Wondering what a liverwort terrarium would be like? Check out the terrarium build below!

What You’ll Need

  1. Drainage layer – Pumice
  2. Substrate – Coco peat & humus
  3. Hardscape – Red lava rock
  4. Plants – Moss & liverwort


0:00 Introduction
0:08 Drainage layer
0:27 Substrate
0:43 Hardscape
1:05 Planting
1:20 Pro tip – Add details

Hope you enjoyed the build! What are your favourite terrarium plants?

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