No Light, Water or Care Terrarium Build

no light no water moss terrarium in glass bottle

Have you ever wanted a terrarium that looks great, but doesn’t need sunlight or water? A terrarium you can keep anywhere and forget about maintaining it?

Here’s how you can make your own zero care terrarium!

What You’ll Need

  1. Glass bottle – Try one with thin walls, with less distortion from the glass, so you’ll be able to enjoy seeing what’s inside your terrarium more clearly.
  2. Substrate – We’re using black lava rock today, which helps our design pop.
  3. Hardscape – We’re using red lava rock. This contrasts well against the green of the plants. You can use what tickles your fancy. We’re also using tiny fragments of red lava rock, that we can sprinkle into the scape later for detail.
  4. Dried moss – Today, we’re using dried real moss. I ordered this online as live moss, and it comes in a dried state for transport. This preserves its look quite well in storage when kept dry.
  5. Tools – Tweezers and a long handled spoon or shovel. This makes it easy to work in a small bottle.


  1. Lay the substrate. Since we will keep this terrarium 100% dry, you won’t need a drainage layer.
    Pro tip: Creating a slope will give more depth to your terrarium.
  2. Add the hardscape. Arrange it to your liking.
  3. Plant. Since we’re keeping this terrarium 100% dry, the dried moss will stay in its preserved state. There’s no need to worry about how and where you’re planting it. It will be fine even if you place it on the glass. For today we’ll still place the moss in areas such where it looks more natural. But hey, know that you can do anything you like.
  4. For some finishing touches, sprinkle fragments of your hardscape to give it some detail. Today, we’ll use fragments of red lava rock for this build.


Once you’re happy with your layout, you’re all done. No watering needed. Place it wherever you like.

What do you think of dried plants for terrariums, have you tried them before? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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