Sleek Enchanted Forest Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review

I’ve been dying to try Sleek’s eyeshadow palettes since they took the beauty realm by storm.

The Sleek Enchanted Forest Eyeshadow palette is a new release, fairytale inspired – oh my! – and each colour is has a name I’m sure many of us can relate to. Inspired by fairytales, it’s filled with mauves, dreamy blues and earthy tones. It features a good balance of light and dark shades, shimmers and mattes.

How does this pretty little thing perform? Let’s find out!

The palette is a sturdy, heavy matte plastic, with a solid mirror. It comes with a dual-ended sponge applicator that’s a higher quality than the typical applicator. I was pleasantly surprised.

Eyeshadow Shade Breakdown
sleek enchanted forest palette swatches and review

Glass slipper: A matte white. Slightly chalky, but excellent for the browbone.
Beatrice: A matte, dusty pink. Gorgeous. Smooth but slightly chalky.
Perla: A shimmery, beautiful mystical lilac purple with a gorgeous blue sheen, giving a slight duochrome feel. Slightly sheer.  It applies smoothly and is beautiful. It reminds me of the shimmering wings of fairies in the moonlight.

sleek enchanted forest palette swatches and review

Fairy godmother: A shimmery pink with microshimmer. It applies smoothly and quite pigmented in the swatch, but on the eyes, it translates more as a sheer microshimmer. It would be best used over another shadow as a “top coat”, not by itself.
Grand duke: A satin purple with a blue sheen, giving a duochrome feel. It’s a lovely jewel tone which would be amazing for dramatic, intense looks. It applies smoothly but could benefit from being more pigmented.
Drizella: A satin, beige brown (taupe). It would be great with a soft smokey eye.

sleek enchanted forest palette swatches and review

Pumpkin: A shimmery pale orange gold. Smooth and pigmented.
Prince charming: A matte, matte, dusky blue. Quite chalky, but a unique shade and worth checking out.
Happily ever after: A metallic, cool toned silver. Beautifully smooth and pigmented. It reminds me of the sheen on the scales of a mermaid. Simply stunning.

sleek enchanted forest palette swatches and review

Anastasia: A matte, rich burgundy red. Uniquely beautiful shade. Smooth and pigmented. Very fall appropriate and is excellent for deepening the crease and outer corner.
Daphne: A shimmery, mysterious green. Smooth and pigmented with a unique dimensional feel.
Lady tremaine: A matte taupe. Smooth, though dry and chalky.

Final Verdict

The Sleek enchanted forest eyeshadow palette is excellent and versatile.

It has a unique selection of beautiful shades, with a solid range of finishes from shimmers to satins to mattes. It’s filled with a good balance of dark and light shades, from basic neutrals to more unusual and fun colours for days when you’re feeling adventurous.

Almost all the shades are smooth and buttery, some slightly sheerer or drier. Minimal fallout. An affordable, well-balanced palette with great quality for the price.

I recommend this palette for those looking for good value, versatility and a great selection of unique shades 😉

Have you tried Sleek palettes? What do you think of them?

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  1. Closingwinter

    I absolutely love their palettes; I’ve been really tempted by this one but it’s always sold out when I go into town! x

    1. Alisa Wong

      Wow. This was the last on display when I picked it up months ago. They’re still being sold out?

      That’s nice to hear. What are your personal favourites? 🙂

        1. Alisa Wong

          I see. Will definitely keep them in mind! 🙂

  2. ingrid

    Such a beautiful palette !!! Great post xo’s

  3. I’ve been eyeing on those but I’ve never seen anyone raving about it. In my opinion, Sleek is one of the underrated brands. 🙂 They deserve to be known more.

    1. Alisa Wong

      It’s a good palette for the price, but understandably not equal to higher end shadows. Perhaps that’s why it is not being raved about.

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